Monopoly Game Dice – How I Made Real Money in Business Using Monopoly Game Rules – Dice, Part 1

My series on “How I Made Real Money in Business Using Monopoly Game Rules” continues today with the powerful revelation of the Monopoly dice! That’s right, the dice!

My previous articles in this series on how I make real money following the principles I learned from Monopoly game rules referred to two key secrets:

1. What I learned about identifying niche markets based on the various property color-groups on the Monopoly board and

2. What I learned from the humble Monopoly Tokens and the powerful lessons they gave me on brand presence and “value perception” in the marketplace.

Time to roll the dice!

Lets make this clear, the progress of your business is NOT dependent on the roll of a dice. You want your business to be far more predictable than that. However, there is an aspect of ‘dice throwing’ if you are going to grow and expand in your marketplace. Let me explain that เกมส์ได้เงินจริง.

I believe ‘risk’ is the twin of ‘business success’. Both are like the front and back of your hand. Both sides come together in one hand – you can’t separate one from the other.

In my humble opinion there is always an element of risk-taking I need to embrace if I am to play the game of winning markets. Without that willingness to ‘risk’ I rob myself of finding out what might have been and of gaining new grounds.

The dice that come with the Monopoly game is a set of two dice. It’s the total of both dice that dictates how many steps you may take on the board.

Playing the game of Monopoly teaches you right away that there are going to be elements of risk taking. Landing on someone’s property could cost you money…but it could also give you the first right to buy and own that property. Landing on Chance or Community Chest could offer good news…but they could also be costly news, and you could also go directly to Jail without collecting your $200. Or, you could get a card that pays you dividends or other collective payment from each player on the board! You just never know what will happen when you, or someone else for that matter, throw the dice!

I got to realize just how much that is true in my success and my journey in business. This article continues in “Monopoly Game Dice – How I Made Real Money in Business Using Monopoly Game Rules, Dice, Part 2. See you there!

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