Hydration Sports Drink Is Critical Factor for Success in Most Sports and Fitness Activities

Proper sports nutrition is as important as the workout itself and there are natural supplements that are important before, during and after your workout. And as you may know, HYDRATION during the workout is critical.

In fact, DEHYDRATION is the number one inhibitor of performance in most athletes, whether you are just competing against yourself or just trying to improve your fitness and health. So you want to make sure you’re drinking small amounts of fluids, EARLY and OFTEN, to maintain optimal hydration levels, especially in hot, humid weather, or during long events hydration.

There are many hydration drinks and mixes on the market today and you want to look for a product that will give you:

Optimum carbs for energy and endurance
Essential fluids and electrolytes (including calcium and magnesium) to help prevent dehydration
Maintain blood glucose levels to sustain energy output


NO artificial sweeteners, including sucralose or aspartame
NO artificial flavors
NO synthetic colorants or stabilizers, including yellow #5, yellow #6, blue #1, red #40, brominated vegetable oil or glycerol ester of wood rosin

Be sure to read the label when looking for a hydration sports drink or mix, don’t put junk in your body while you are working out to become more fit and healthy!

Don’t forget the kids! It is important for them to have a healthy sports hydration drink at the soccer games and the track or just running around in the backyard with their friends on a hot summer afternoon!

Be sure you use good nutritional strategies DURING your workout for maximum benefit!

And to help you perform at an OPTIMUM level on a daily basis you need to start with a healthy balanced diet that includes optimal levels of key nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics. BEFORE you begin your workout, a quick energy source in a convenient form will help you sustain energy to power through a tough workout and help keep you alert and focused at the same time.

The last step is AFTER your workout, many weekend warriors forget this crucial step in your sports nutrition. You will need to consume a recovery drink IMMEDIATELY AFTER your workout to take advantage of the optimal window of opportunity to maximize recovery from your exercise. Today’s finish line is tomorrow’s starting line! You want to FINISH strong for maximum recovery so you can start again tomorrow!

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